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I have created a Work account on Microsoft Azure and used that account to log in to become a partner with Microsoft in the Become Partner section. However, after reaching the "Join a program to unlock new opportunities" section, I cannot select any areas. Is there any specific guidance on what documents are needed to become a Microsoft Learning Partner?

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There are primarily 3 steps to become a partner.

1. Create a Work Account - Click "Become a partner" to create a free account and share basic information about your organization and its business goals
2. Confirm your company details - Provide essential business information, such as your organization's address and legal point of contact. Depending on your country, you may also need to share your business registration number
3. Validate the credentials - Microsoft will verify email ownership, employment, and business details. You'll receive time-sensitive instructions in your business email to confirm your credentials and unlock your membership
As they complete the first 2 steps, they will get instructions in email to move further in the process and gain membership. TSP needs to create a valid work account as the first step. Use that to sign in and they should be able to see the below view. Select Microsoft AI Cloud Program and click to move to the next view where they will be providing the company information as shown in the second screen shot. Then they need to follow the window and complete & confirm their company details. In order to validate the company credentials, Microsoft team would reach out with instructions via email.

I hope this is helpful and you find the answer you need here.
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Some visuals to add, just in case they help someone along the way. :)