Discount options to purchase Vouchers thru Personvue web store.

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Can anyone help me to undertand if we get any discount from MSRP price in Pearson Vue Store if we have a Microsoft Action Pack (Learning Option)?


Because MS is still refrenced to Arvato´s marketplace and Person Vue store support does not have any answer to this question.



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Hello, Jorge

Have you already registered for the Partner Store?

Once registered you should be able to make purchases as a Training Service Partner :)

hello @Joshua_R_Jones 


Thanks for your answer.  


Yes, I am registered in person vue store as a regular cloud solution partner. But I need to know if we buy the learning action pack, can we get a discount from regular exam price? To reseller to our clients. 


Thanks again 


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There are some limits to what I know, so maybe @DanDonohue can confirm,

But my company registered as a Training Service Partner and then joined PearsonVUE Partner Store.

For our region, there were 4 purchase options- study guide, 2 levels of voucher, and voucher + replay. These were all cheaper than if the client would buy them directly, from what I could tell. You can compare to the public order form and price list here

Additionally, as far as I am aware only Training Service Partners currently sell exam with replay option. Please confirm that for yourself, that was information from a localized page in my country.
Ok. Thanks again.

I am looking for this information because I am already cloud solution partner and I don't need an action pack, also I am a MCT. So we want training our partners (we are a wholesale distributor) in some az associate level exams and give them the vouchers as a benefit of working with us. I am trying to figure out if we can get a best price for those voucher.

I hope @donDonohue can help me.

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