MTC Weekly Roundup - November 4
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Happy Friday, everybody! I hope you all had a happy Halloween. Let's see what else has been going on in the MTC this week! 


MTC Moments of the Week


Our MTC Member of the Week shoutout this week goes to @Patrick2788 for their valuable contributions to the Excel community, including this creative Halloween Challenge! Good stuff, Patrick!


We had two Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) events this week to answer questions from the community post-Ignite. First up, we had our Microsoft Viva Sales AMA featuring our expert panel of @Smita Shrivastava, @Cory Newton-Smith, @gauravsisisodia, @YaronTelem, and @eyalzach. In case you missed the event, you can head t Viva Sales Discussion Board to ask your questions there!


Next, we had the Microsoft 365 Admin Center AMA with @Jon Orton, @James_Bell, @amishaBhatia, @Nick_Seidler, and @Maryam_Khabazanto discuss the M365 Ignite updates. be sure to check out the team's blog post to catch up on what was announced at Ignite: What's new for Microsoft 365 admins at Microsoft Ignite 2022.


And over on the blogs this week, @DanielaChocron shared helpful answers to 6 commonly asked questions about Microsoft Teams Phone.


Unanswered Questions - Can you help them out?


Every week, users come to the MTC seeking guidance or technical support for their Microsoft solutions, and we want to help highlight a few of these each week in the hopes of getting these questions answered by our amazing community!


In the SharePoint forum, @YasmeenSK is looking for guidance to set up per-location view settings for nested folders in a Document Library


Meanwhile, in the Teams forum, @AMcewen84 has been experiencing an issue of dual ringtones on a variety of Bluetooth devices following the most recent update. They’ve tried a few troubleshooting methods, but if you might know a fix, definitely jump in and help out!



Next Week in Events – Mark Your Calendars!






And for today’s fun fact, in honor of National Candy Day... did you know that the first “candy” dates back to the ancient Egyptians (around 2000 BC!) and were made from honey mixed with fruit or nuts? It would be several centuries before sugar candies were invented in India, and several more after that before the first chocolates were created. Now we have all kinds of candies all over the world!


I hope you all have a sweet weekend!



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