Per-location view settings don't work at the folder level in Document Library

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I'm trying to set up per-location view settings for nested folders in a Document Library. I used the following articles as a guide: 


How to create different Views for different folders


However, it's not working. The setup I'm looking for is:


Document Library

View 1 only:

→ Top Folder 1

→ Top Folder 2

→ Top Folder 3

                           View 2 only (within Folder 1):

                           ↳ Sub Folder 1a 

                           ↳ Sub Folder 1b

                           ↳ Sub Folder 1c                         


Here are links to screen captures from SharePoint.

Image 1 - Settings : Per-Location View Settings - For View 1: All Documents

Image 2 - Settings : Per-Location View Settings - For View 2: Year In Descending Order


What am I missing? 





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