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Is there any possibilities to Read Teams messages using C# code? I am tried MSDN Site for this but not being able to find correct information. I would like to extract the message with specific keywords. Is it possible? 

I have gone through some blogs they said it can be but dont know how to and where to start?




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You could look at these API's, they are protected, but you can list the messages in a channel

I don't believe there is a way to get a stream of the messages sent to your service as they occur. If you want the users to specify which messages to send you, you can create a bot and when they mention the bot, the message will automatically get sent to your service.

Hi @adamhouck

Thanks a lot for your response.

I dont want to read the stream of messages, but say after office hours I just want to scan through all the messages of the day, including its attachments too. Is it possible?

I am trying to look at the blogs and other sources but couldn't be a help.

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@abhikhopade2109 , As mentioned already. You can make use of beta version List channel messages graph API. you can filter out the result based on time for your requirement.