PWD (Person with differently abled) inclusion through MS teams

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Hi all,
I am starting a discussion with the thought of inclusion of PWD community through MS teams.
I am a training manager in an organization. This thought came when we had internal meet on, "how we can include our PWD participants during the internal training sessions through MS team?”.
We have currently “live caption” option enabled however, it would be great we can also enable “sign language interpreter” through Avatar or similar animated sign language interpreter.
This can work on the basis of voice of the speaker.
This would be the real inclusion for all the PWD participants for any of the session or team meeting for all the organizations.
Please let me know if this can possibly be implemented.
Warm regards;
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@vipulkumarsingh- Currently this functionality/Requirement is not available.
Could you please raise a user voice here:

Sure, thanks you so much for guiding me here. @Sayali-MSFT