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Hello, Teams developer friends.


We have discovered how simple and powerful Power Virtual Agents for Teams is and currently exploring how we can integrate with other systems. We plan to use Power Automate connectors; however, we have noticed that all premium connectors fail to execute with a generic error. 


We believe that an additional license/subscription is required to use Power Virtual Agents for Teams in conjunction with premium connectors. The plan is named "Standalone Power Virtual Agents subscription"; however, it introduces a $1,000 monthly fee (not consumption-based). This is a lot of money when building a small system for our internal department and therefore wondering if there are any other options. 


So far, we are thinking of the following
- Stop using the Power Virtual Agents and create a custom teams bot.

- Execute the tasks under the context of a user who has access to premium connectors (not sure if this is allowed /possible)


Maybe we have overlooked other options, and all suggestions are welcome. Ideally, we would stick with the Power Virtual Agents, but without the ability to call HTTP endpoint, the usage of Power Automate is very restricted. 


Thank you in advance.


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Could you explain your requirement in more detail? So that we can suggest you something accordingly.

@HunaidHanfee-MSFT Thank you for your reply.

We want to use the bot as the entry point for our internal knowledge base/support team.


Manually created topics are in place to cover top X questions. Each flow has a generic exit in case the topic isn't able to provide a suggestion. Within this flow, we would like to create:

1. Create a Jira ticket (but we are fine with using azure boards as well)
2. Create a new conversation in a dedicated internal support Teams 

3. Initial message should include the ticket name as well as tagging the name of the person initiating the bot conversation


We don't have any problems implementing items 2 and 3; however, the first point requires a premium connector. We tried to use the HTTP connector; however, it also requires a premium Power Virtual Agents Plan. 


It would be great to use the free Power Virtual Agents for Microsoft Teams plan in conjunction with an azure app service plan. Our bot traffic is internal only (Teams) and has meager traffic.


We want to create awesome experiences using lots of automation at the end (only HTTP would be good enough). Creating our own bot is an option, but we really like the low-code way of creating topics.


Kind regards,

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@bronsdijk - 

The only two possible options available is premium connector and the bot. That you are already aware. I checked to see any other low code option but there isn't.

You need the handle the situation using bot, that's what I can say.

Hunaid Hanfee

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