local storage with in teams desktop client app

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Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie here and stuck in a problem. Sorry for my communication or if i am not able to explain.

I have developed a application using .Net Core as API part and Angular in front end. I have implemented Graph API too.


From Graph API I got a token to fetch data from Azure AD and I have some other application specific data also that I stored in local storage / session storage. I deployed my application and is working successfully in browser.


Now i created a App in React as i want my application to be part of teams app. I changed url in the manifest file and i am able to call my web app with in teams, but i am not able to access the values that i stored in local storage when i tried to use Teams Desktop Client App. It is working fine if i use teams in browser.  


Please suggest me what to do or how to solve my problem.


Thanks in advance

Deepak Thukral 


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@deepak2988 - Are you developing teams app?
If yes, could you please elaborate your requirement and share the repro steps, so that we can try it from our end?
@sayali I have one of my application developed in angular, and i want to open that application/website in ms teams. and i am able to runt it in teams web app but when i opened in teams desktop app website is not running, it becomes like unresponsive.
@deepak2988 -If possible, could you please share the manifest Json, so that we can try it from our end?

hello @deepak2988 ,

did you solve this problem ?