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I would like to create one bot/app which detect incoming call & it will open browser in my machine which shows name of caller. Is that possible to intercept incoming call? Is there any API/call event which support this?



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Hi, Thanks for reply!. I have gone through it. Can we test using ngrok this kind of functionality OR it is compulsory require bot to register in Azure?

Anyone have idea about this? Can ms team calling bot detect OR intercept incoming call for user who has installed this bot?


For example: User A has a bot configured in his ms teams, User B makes a phone call to User A, before User A accept the call, bot should log some information about this calls like caller ID & send message to User A with some details.

Yes, you can test it by setting up ngrok server.

@Trinetra-MSFT - That I know. But I want some event in bot which is raised on incoming call for user who has configured this bot. Is there any event which occur on incoming call?

This is not like call from user to bot. This is kind of requirement where one user calls to another user & bot intercept that call for getting some information from incoming call.



@shaileshbhindi , You need to register you bot in azure, where your bot requires specific Application or delegated permissions for calling and meeting, However you can set up the sample locally and run it on ngrok.

@Trinetra-MSFT - I did not register to Azure but did in bot framework & set require permission. I am able to call directly to bot from user.

My requirement is when some calls me, my bot will give some information about caller & send me a card/message in teams.

@shaileshbhindi , You can configure your Bot to send an attachment (Adaptive Card  or any other card) when your bot respond to the call.

Please refer to these document to check how to send an Adaptive card in attachment

@Trinetra-MSFT I think you are still not getting what I want OR may be i am not able to explain well. Simple question how bots know that user is receiving phone call? In another way how bot will receive notification when someone call me? Suppose you are making phone call to me in ms teams, I have configured a bot; Instead of I, bot will reply to you OR bot will send me a card with your name.

@shaileshbhindi Were you able to figure this out? I'm having a similar requirement now and was googling for options.