How to create a link/url to a Sharepoint site in Teams left menu?

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I have had several customers with the request of adding a URL link in the left menu in teams.



I often work to just create a simple App in the app-studio with tab pointing to the sharepoint site.


But recently i have had lots of problems with these apps. I have tried to remake them, sometimes they works... sometimes they dont. I cant see any pattern tho...


I only want to open an URL to the tenants own Sharepoint sites. It can be a standalone sharepoint site or a group site. But it is all in the same tenant.


I have tried to open the console and looking for something...

Sometimes i get this:






Sometimes this:





I dont get it. Why does an app sometimes work and sometimes not?

Is there some guide that explain how i can get these app-links working?




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@oskarkuus-We are looking into this I will get back to you soon.

@oskarkuus -We are unable to repro the scenario. It's working fine from our end.
Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). 
Could you please try the following steps :-

Go to the Developer Portal

+ New App

  • Add details

Add Personal App

  • In Content URL paste in the Form/Sharepoint URL

Publish App too Your org

In Team Admin center  - Managae Apps

  • make sure app is approved and allowed

In Team Admin – Set up policies

  • Add app to Nav bar for all users

This can take several hours to publish app to the nav bar in Teams.

You can try with App Studio with the above steps.


View/Open Teams SharePoint URL Through Microsoft Teams: 

To view/open the SharePoint site from a Microsoft Teams, you can follow the below steps. 

  1. Open Microsoft Teams. 
  2. Select the Teams/channel. 
  3. Click the Meatballs menu (three-dot) in the top right corner. 
  4. Select ‘Open in SharePoint 



Hi and thanks for your response.


I have tried to follow your steps.

First some info:

I have this version of Teams installed on a windows10 PC: version (64-bitars).

I did these steps.

1. Open Appstudio

2. Create new app and add details in step 1



3. Go to next step and configure a personal tab


4. Configure a tab


5. Go to test and distribute


6. Download the app

7. Go to appstore in Microsoft Teams client and upload the downloaded app



8. Test the application


I know that i cant download the zip and upload it to the store and expect all other users to see it. This is for testing. If it works i can publish it via the admin-center.

But since the website is not showing i do not know what i am doing wrong... it do point me towards some errror in x-frame-option but afaik sharepoint within the same organisation should be allowed as iFrame?

@oskarkuus - Could you please try above steps with the Teams Web Version?




I have now tested above in Edge, Chrome, Firefox browsers on teams.

All 3 browsers works. I can upload the application and it works to open the website in the teams app.


So it seems like something is not working with Teams client?


@oskarkuus-Yes,We are able to repro the issue with Teams Desktop client , We have raised bug for the same and concerned team is looking into it. We will inform you once we get any update.
Did you see my PM about getting the number of the raised bugreport?
@oskarkuus-You are willing to use SharePoint links as stand-alone apps inside Teams, then one good solution is for SharePoint to support trusted-sideloading model that Power Apps and Power Virtual Agent uses to deploy their apps in Teams.