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I tried yesterday startHoldMusic route and noticed a strange behavior.

A calling bot creates a conference by calling a bunch of users, then starts calling /startHoldMusic for one of the participants, let's say A.


The participant A hears the music, and does not hear any of the other participants. This seems right.


If any of the participants, even A, put the call on hold, A no longer hears the waiting music, and still none of the other participants.


If the same participant resumes the call, A hears the waiting music again ... and the other participants.


Is this an expected behavior ?


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@Mad_hatter - Could you please answer below queries?


  1. By the below statement do you mean, If anyone put themselves on hold then A hears other participants?
  2. What do you mean by still none of the other participants?


According to the note mentioned in participant: startHoldMusic - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft DocsOnly one participant can be placed on hold at any given time.

@Meghana-MSFT- I mean if a participant puts manually the call on hold, using either the TEAMS thick client or an IPPhone, then :

  1. A does not hear the waiting music anymore.
  2. A does not hear other participants.

Now, if the same participant resumes the call, using either the TEAMS thick client or an IPPhone, then :

  1. A hear waiting music.
  2. A hear other participants.

I expected that A would not hear the other participants when the call was resumed...

Am I wrong ? It feels awkward to hear a music "on hold" and a conversation at the same time.


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Thank you for the details, we are checking with the engineering team. We will update you.