Get mp4 and transcript of a MS Teams call

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I have created an application in the Azure portal -> Azure Active Directory -> App registrations. The main goal of the app is to receive an event every time a recording is complete in MS Teams. This application has the following permissions:


Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 10.46.19 AM.png


 I created a subscription using this endpoint:


curl -XPOST -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '{
  "changeType": "created",
  "notificationUrl": "",
  "resource": "communications/callRecords",
  "expirationDateTime": "2021-06-06T00:00:00.0000Z"
}' ''



Once I finish a call recording, some seconds/minutes later I receive the event in the webhook I registered in the subscription API, and in the JSON payload I can read the call record ID.

I though using Microsoft Graph, I could get the details of this recording with the ID coming in the event that included the .mp4 file I could download. I've read this is not available in Microsoft Graph API, but with the Microsoft Streams API.


My question is: how can I access the .mp4 and transcript of a MS Teams recording with Microsoft Graph?

Also, if my app is registered within the Azure Portal, how can I get access from the user's Microsoft Stream? Is there any special permission I may be missing?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi @soardevadmin Currently we do not have any API to access call recording. we recommend you to raise a Teams UserVoice here if this needs to be consider as a future request.

You can not access MS stream videos of other user directly  until they provide permission to access for particular users or organization level. 

@Chetana-MSFT thanks for your reply. How can I get the users to provide permissions to access their recordings? I'm really trying to find a way to download the mp4 of the recording, if a permission needs to be approved, that's fine, but we need some guidance as to how I can configure the app to make that happen. Is that even achievable ?



@soardevadmin Yes, you can make the user to download the video in mp4 format from MS stream by adding the permissions. User need to provide the permissions by adding other user as people and make them as owner.



MicrosoftTeams-image (6).png

@Chetana-MSFTwe're trying to download the .mp4 of the recording automatically, we were hoping to do that with the Microsoft Graph API.


Is there a way at all to do that either with Microsoft Graph, or Microsoft Stream, or Microsoft SharePoint API ?

 Hi @soardevadmin, Currently we do not have MS graph API to download MS stream videos.
we recommend you to raise a Teams UserVoice here if this needs to be consider as a future request.

@soardevadmin, Please let us know if you still have further query on this.

@Chetana-MSFT Yes, I've got another question, I know users can chose to store their MS Teams Recordings either in Sharepoint or in OneDrive. How can the app we're building download recordings from OneDrive or SharePoint ? Is there any API we can use for that ?

@soardevadmin Could you please check this documentation it may help you.

@soardevadmin Could you please let us know if your issue got resolved.