Get a list of joined participants during a regular meeting

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I have created a regular meeting and when that meeting starts, I would like to see a list of joined participants in the side panel. This is similar as the People tab that comes with Teams, but I need to check for each participant some status information in an external system.


Now the Graph API /me/onlineMeetings (Get onlineMeeting - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn) will only return invited persons for a created meeting. But when the meeting starts at some point, additional persons can join the meeting.


I searched in the area of Meeting Bots, but I cannot find any code samples how to do this. (e.g. ) Most bots are for conversations or adaptive cards, but I have a meeting side panel to show this list. 


I would like to know it this is even possible or not. And if yes, can someone point me to the right direction?


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Thanks, Octavie

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@Octavie van Haaften - Thanks for reporting your issue. We will check this and update you soon.

@Octavie van Haaften
You can subscribe for change notification for online meetings. You can get the below event notification:

CallStarted - Occurs when the meeting call has started.
CallEnded - Occurs when the meeting call has ended.
CallRosterUpdate - Occurs when a participant joins or exits the meeting call.

In CallRosterUpdate you will get the active participants joined and exited list.

Example of Response

"activeParticipants@joined": [
"Id": "a4d67b60-56a5-4202-9f1c-f123ff40621e",
"Id": "f92ca67f-0564-414b-8caa-8c95b8099928",
"DisplayName": "user display name",
"TenantId": "85045508-f5bd-405e-a553-52700f86e29c"
"activeParticipants@exited": [
"Id": "11141402-1b62-4795-b540-4ffee8544231",
"AzureCommunicationServicesResourceId": "534c244d-49f8-47a1-9e8e-70d115a2ef4d",
"Id": "8:acs:534c244d-49f8-47a1-9e8e-70d115a2ef4d_28f01a7b-42cd-4e37-ae1a-bd653377f4b7",
"DisplayName": "acs user display name"

Ref Doc:

Please note this is supported only beta at this time.

For displaying data on sidepanel please refer below sample:




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Thanks, I will take a look at it. Seems a complex solution for a simple request. Hope the Graph API or so will implement a simple endpoint for retrieving joined participants of a meeting.

@Octavie van Haaften 
Thanks for your feedback. You can suggest this feature here: Microsoft Teams Community.
Microsoft will always focus on customer’s feedback and experience. Some new features would be added to the services based on customers' feedback in the future, and your good ideas will be very helpful for them to improve the service