Enchanced reporting for Teams, Power Bi or SQL

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Hi Everyone, 


Is it possible to have better reporting than those offered on the admin portal? 


Basically, we have a lot of recurring meetings across our organisation, and in an attempt to see how effective they are, we'd like to run a report per session to see how much interaction was taking place, i.e. whats the average 'send mute' time etc during these meetings? I know that I can see this information in the admin portal by going to the session, then users, then advanced, but I'm going to be potentially looking at over a hundred meetings, each with 10 + attendees, so it'd take far too long to get the data that way.


Is is possible to connect Teams to Power Bi or SQL so I can pull out this data? 

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@ded_sec - We will check on it from our end and get back to you.

You can start from
you will do more with it after you dig it
and you can try MS Graph at the same time
at least what I know, SQL not works here
@ded_sec - Could you please confirm is your issue resolved with above suggestion or still looking for help?