Customizing Lobby Before a Video Chat

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I'm developing a Microsoft Teams app where I would like to customize the Lobby view after I ship out an invite to a third party. Some examples would be adding my company logo. I'm also OK with embedding the lobby in surrounding HTML. Lobby screenshot below. 


Can anyone advise on documentation, video, or other resources to ramp up and start building?
Experienced full-stack developer, but completely new to MS Teams. 


Thanks in advance!


Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 2.11.38 PM.png

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@Kev212 This isn't currently possible. Please feel free to raise a uservoice on this. 

@Gousia_Begum Thank you for the response, 

I'm assuming that you mean customizing the lobby page...does that also apply to embedding the lobby page in surrounding HTML? 

I'll definitely raise a uservoice on that once I clarify. Thanks again!