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Microsoft works with a number of hardware providers to produce Boardroom Devices. Providers like Poly, LifeSize, Yealink, Crestron, Logitech and others. These providers build the hardware, and Microsoft provides the TEAMS Software for the device. The TEAMS software on a boardroom device, is very different from TEAMS on a computer. 


TEAMS on boardroom devices are able to be invited to TEAMS MEETINGS and this works well. However TEAMS LIVE EVENTS are a different type of meeting, and the invitation process is different and does not work on TEAMS boardroom devices. TEAMS Boardrooms CAN be added to a live event as a presenter, however, if MICROSOFT runs a TEAMS LIVE EVENT like they will at the Microsoft Ingnite conference, you can't join it from a TEAMS boardroom device. This is the same issue when DELL or any large company sends out a link to join their TEAMS LIVE EVENT... you simply are unable to join it from a certified TEAMS boardroom device. 


I've opened a case with Microsoft and one tech tells me that Engineering says is it something they are working on, and then another tech tells me it's not on the schedule. It's very frustrating that I can't get a straight answer... and moreover, TEAMS boardroom devices should be able to attend TEAMS LIVE EVENT. It's all TEAMS after all...   When can we expect this? 

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We are looking into this issue.We will update you accordingly.

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We have confirmed with our engineering team that currently Microsoft Teams Room does not support joining Teams Live Event as Attendee.Right now we don't have any ETA to share for this feature.

For connecting Teams Live Event you can directly connect your PC to the Teams Room via HDMI and then connect the Teams client to the Live Event and project it to the Microsoft Teams Room.




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How do we get this requested and added to the list of new features?

It seems pretty bad that a MICROSOFT TEAMS boardroom device, cannot access a MICROSOFT TEAMS Live Event. And additionally it's not even on MICROSOFT's radar to do?