USB-C Stopped working on my Surface Pro 7

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I have an external monitor connected to my Surface pro 7 . It's been connected since I purchased the surface and never had any issues until 2 days ago. The monitor stopped duplicating/extending my screen. I unplugged and re-connected and received an error message stating that it couldnt identify the monitor. I clicked on the error message and it opened the USB settings. After it opened the USB settings, I havent received the message since and there is no power whatsoever going to the USB-C. I tried charging my phone with the USB-C to USB-C and nothing. 


Has anyone else experienced this? No errors in Device Manager and I tried uninstalling the battery driver like the support page says, but still nothing.

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Hi @mmorante


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Can you tell me which adapter you use?

Are you using the Surface dock that Microsoft sells from its store.


Please keep me posted

I'm using usbc to VGA adapter. It worked up until 2 days ago with no issues. Diagnostic test came back ok and just checked bios with support before we got disconnected. That did not work either. There's no power going to the port. I purchased the surface on 11/30/2020
Can I find out if the USB type C port works for an external hard drive, Android phone, etc.?
I tried 2 cables that I used every day to charge my phone and does not work. There doesn't seem to be any power going to the port

Hi @mmorante 


It is possible that the USB-C port is no longer functional, only Microsoft support will be able to tell you.


Here's a useful link for getting redress:


Please, keep me informed ;)