Microsoft Teams support now available for Surface Hub

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According to the Surface Hub Update History, the August 2018 cumulative update brings support for Microsoft Teams meetings on Surface Hub.


I should note that I haven't yet tried this on a release build, so I don't know yet if the instructions for the Insider Preview build are the same, or if this even works fully (as there are no instructions yet in the admin guide).


For those wanting to try, you will need to install the Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub (Preview) app from the Microsoft Store, and you'll also need to configure 2 SurfaceHub CSP settings (either via MDM or provisioning package):



Set to integer, values below:

0 - Skype for Business is the preferred app on the Surface Hub's Start Screen, however you can still join Microsoft Teams meetings.
1 - Microsoft Teams is the preferred app on the Surface Hub's Start Screen, however you can still join Skype for Business meetings.
2 - Microsoft Teams is the exclusive app on the Surface Hub's Start screen and Skype for Business is disabled



Set to string. Value must be Microsoft.MicrosoftTeamsforSurfaceHub_8wekyb3d8bbwe!Team


@Yoav Barzilay has made an excellent blog post showing all the steps here. I thoroughly recommend reading through this before deploying Teams.


If anyone gives this a go, let us know below how you get on!



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Yes, we have the Microsoft Teams app available for all Surface Hubs running with Windows 10 Team Edition 1703.15063.1292. To make sure you're there, check you have KB4343889 installed on your Surface Hubs.

The instructions @Daniel Hudson mentioned will work for this version, by either using MDM or the pre-configured PPKG files.

Make sure you choose the functionality mode that works best for you :)

I've been looking forward to do this for so long, as it really is a major dependency for us to move forward with the whole journey from SfB to Teams within our company. Unfortunately after deploying the app and the config it seems the app tile is available but it will just basically load whiteboard 2016 and a big black bar where the MS teams UX should be. It says on the top of the section that is Microsoft Teams, but the rest is solid black. 

I had chosen mode 1, to still currently planned SfB meetings from the device? Should the Hub user account have a Ms Teams license associated with it, or just its current skype for business plan 2 license? Or Any other changes that have to be made on the user account that is being for the Hub?

Hi Ron, 


You must have a Microsoft Teams license assigned to the user to be able to connect Surface Hub Teams client.

Otherwise, as you mentioned, you'll get a black stripe where the Teams UX should be.


Without the license:

Teams No lic.jpg


With the license:

Teams lic.jpg

Hello Yoav, thank you for this. With SfB you had a plan1 and plan2 license, and with SfB for the Hub a SfB license plan 2 license was required. My assumption is at the moment while I still have the Hub not set for solely teams it now requires both an SfB license plan 2 license and a teams license? If I switch to teams only, will it function with just a teams license? and can I for example use a business essentials license for it as it has teams but not SfB plan2 and exchange 2.

Hi Ron, 


The Microsoft Teams licensing will cover the Skype for Business connectivity features as well.



I still am unable to get any of the provisioning packages to install via removable media. Has anyone else had that issue?

Hi Jeff

I've never had an issue with installing provisioning packages. Can you give us some screenshots of how you've set up the provisioning package in ICD?


I downloaded  the  provisioning packages from the site above. Then I tried installing it on the Surface  Hub. I keep getting an error message. 







We are having the same issue with the Surface Hub. The Team Client remains black like in Yoav Barzilay screenshot.


We followed this instruction and installed the TeamsRTMMode0.ppkg via USB.


The Surface User, which is also used for Skype for Business, was assigned the following license: Office 365 A3 Only the Microsoft Teams license.


Here some photos:


Unfortunately, without any success. Do you have any idea?


Thank you


Hi Tobias,

For the sake of the test, can you please assign the TeamsRTMMode1.ppkg file and see if the client signs in?


Hi Yoav,


thank you very much for your quick response!


Unfortunately we have the same issue. :(


Here additional photos:


Thank you,



Also maybe for the sake of testing switch skype for business plan 2 (and exchange 2 potentially) from your E3 License.

It Could be SFB 2 is still a general requirement. I have this one still switched on, on my license that is assigned the user account along with ms teams

The same problem :( 



Now I have also opened a ticket at MS

Just installed, pretty nice.  Some weirdness, though - when the room leaves and rejoins a meeting, I can only see the room in the meeting, however others can see / hear the room.  Also moving the mouse around causes the control buttons (mute, hangup, etc) to flash on and off.  Hopefully that gets fixed.

I am having somewhat of a problem getting Teams working on our Surface Hub.


If I invite the Surface Hub to a Teams meeting, it doesn't recognize it as such. When I join the meeting it behaves as when there isn't any Skype meeting applied, which is correct, since it is a Teams meeting.


  • We running the October 2018 update of Windows 10
  • I have loaded TeamsRTMMode0.ppkg via USB
  • I invited the Surface Hub via Outlook as a Teams meeting
  • The start menu shows the Skype icon
  • When I join the meeting the right side shows the option of calling someone via Skype
  • The device account does have a Teams license

I have tried loading TeamsRTMMode1.ppkg via USB with the following result:

  • The start page says "Call" (or similar in Danish)
  • It DOES join the Teams meeting ... AND it works...

Can someone help?


Testing on one of our Hubs in mode 0 via Store for Business and Intune.

Works very nicely.

Only things I have noticed (currently) not working here.

- There's no chat option on the Hub (it does exist in Skype on the Hub)

- There's no use of the dynamic camera on the Hub. You can choose Left or Right in the settings but not Auto

- There's no way to initiate or see meeting notes. Usually it's the organizer who books the room and as such does not have his/her own laptop with them so I can see this becoming an annoyance for our user base. I do understand technically since the Hub is not the organizer and has no OneNote functionality built in but I am thinking end user here :)

- When in Mode 0 and you leave the teams meeting, the sidebar turn into the Skype interface which can be confusing to end users. Easiest way to re-join is to tap 'See scheduled meetings' and you can easily rejoin the meeting from there.


Still have to test Mode 1 in the coming days. Mode 2 will not be for the immediate future :)



The Teams app is a nice improvement, however on our SH1 the audio is horrid. Users never complained in the past but now, there is so much echo that when some users (those without headset mic's usually) are in a call, their audio gets fed back to them and those of us in the room with the hub get every other word or so. Others with full on headset/mic we don't see the issue as much.
I have this exact behaviour is mode 0 as well. Did you manage to get a resolution for this?

Hi @John Guy 


Not yet, but I strongly recommend that you open a support ticket so we can have a better understanding of the impact and raise the priority. 


Best regards,