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My organization is migrating from SP2013 to SPO and one of the libraries I need to migrate is a XML forms library.


The problem I'm encountering is that i can't open the forms like I used to in SP2013.

When on chrome and trying to click on a form in SPO nothing happens but when inspecting the page I get the following errors:



When on IE and trying to open a form it just downloads it.


What I'm trying to ask is:

  • is it possible to open a xml form like it was in older SP?
  • And if not, the only solution I have to do something similar to what I need is to create an empty list and customize a power apps form for it to be somehow similar to the xml forms I had?




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Hi @mark1234,
I am sorry, your migration from classic sp 2013 sites means, that the old XML infopath forms are not made for the new modern JSON script struktures within your modern sites. So in the classic SP Sites it is still possible to refer to old infoPath Forms, but not recommended, because the end is near ;)
I recommend, you should learn PowerApps and the Logix behind, because it is way easier to process large amount of data within not only SharePoint structures but so many other cloud storages like Microsoft OneDrive, Dynamics and beyond.

Learn PowerApps from the Pros: Like Laura Rogers or April Dunham. Both have very good youtube channels to learn from them! Greets, Eva.