What is limit of characters allowed in news link ?

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Is there any changes Microsoft performed while creating an news link ? What is limit of character allowed in news link while copying page URL/news post URL from different site ?




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SharePoint Online does not impose a specific character limit for news links or URLs. However, there are practical considerations and limitations to keep in mind when working with URLs in SharePoint Online:

  1. URL Length Limitation: While SharePoint itself may not have a strict limit on the length of URLs, there are limitations imposed by web browsers and internet protocols. Generally, URLs should be kept reasonably short to ensure compatibility across different browsers and systems.
  2. Best Practices for URLs: It's a best practice to keep URLs concise and descriptive for ease of use and readability. Long and complex URLs can be challenging to manage and may be prone to errors.
  3. URL Encoding: Special characters in URLs need to be properly encoded to ensure compatibility and avoid issues with URL parsing. SharePoint Online automatically encodes URLs when necessary.
  4. Changes in URL Format: Microsoft periodically updates SharePoint Online and may introduce changes to the URL format or structure as part of feature updates or improvements. It's essential to stay informed about any changes and adapt your solutions accordingly.
  5. Copying Page URLs: When copying page URLs or news post URLs from different sites, the length of the URL may vary depending on factors such as the length of the site's domain, the depth of the site structure, and any additional query parameters or identifiers appended to the URL.

In summary, while there is no specific character limit imposed by SharePoint Online for news links or URLs, it's important to adhere to best practices for URL length and readability and to stay informed about any changes or updates that may affect URL formats or structures.

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@pratikdarak21 Are you talking about "News link" option while creating a new news page using link? 

ganeshsanap_0-1716886739195.pngIf yes, file name (xxxxx.url) and path should not contain more than 400 characters in the SharePoint. 


Check this documentation: Restrictions and limitations in OneDrive and SharePoint 

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