What happens if SharePoint tenant capacity is used?

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What happens when the SharePoint tenant storage is full? We are in the process of buying more storage but may not be available before we actually run out. Has anyone actually gone over their capacity, what happened and was their any interruption for users? I've spent ages online and cant find an answer.  

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This is what you can expect:

  • When editing a file, you will not be able to save changes
  • When trying to upload new files, you will not be able to do it

Those effects will happen when you don't have more free space in your sites

The original question is about what happens if tenant storage becomes full. The response from Juan above is accurate if a site limit is reached because the site limit is set by the admin as a way to hard block write activity at the site level. Tenant level is more nuanced and can be discussed on a customer-by-customer basis.