What are the differences between "Green tick icons" & "Solid green circle with the white check mark"

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When we sync our sharepoint online document libraries using OneDrive desktop app, we got these 2 icons inside the Status column:-



i read this article https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/what-do-the-onedrive-icons-mean-11143026-8000-44f8-aaa9-6... but i am still confused about the differences between these 2 icons.. as in both icons we will have a local copy of the file that will be synced with the online version is this correct?

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Hi @John John, the green tick with white background icon shows for cloud only files that, once opened, become a locally available file.

The solid green tick icon shows for files marked as "Always keep on this device".

You can also set up Storage Sense with Files on Demand to configure how long locally available files are kept on device for before becoming cloud only again: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/use-onedrive-and-storage-sense-in-windows-10-to-manage-di...

@john john Check below, it should help you to clear your doubts:


OneDrive sync.PNG


Read more information at: Save disk space with OneDrive Files On-Demand for Windows 10 

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@ganeshsanap This does still not solve my confusion, because in the case below, I have marked a folder as "Always keep on this device", however it still has a white circle rather than a green one:


Can I assume that there is effectively no difference between the two icons, i.e. in both cases the data is stored locally? 

@MaxMarschall I haven't tried yet but it could be that when you set the solid green, the file/folder will be always available on any device, whilst when on the green thick icon the file/folder is always available on that device, but will be online only (blue thick cloud) on another device when you set up OneDrive on it.

I have had instances where I needed to free up space, then click again always keep on this device to 'refresh' the icon....

@MaxMarschall - Thanks for posting this. Did you ever find a solution to this?? I am in exactly the same situation and it's driving me nuts. When I go in a folder that only has the green tick in white circle - all the underlying files show solid green which should indicate that the entire folder is like that and is 'always kept on machine' as I have selected! (Also checked I am showing hidden so that can't explain it).  So no clue why some folders randomly show this white circle with green tick instead.


On top of that, occasionally, without any prompt or change my side, onedrive status of my files or folders changes. If it's solid green or green tick in white circle - I assume that all should still be well and I have a local version (and like I say - my checks seem to indicate that all the files in a green white circle tick all show solid green anyway). But other times, it even changes to online only (blue cloud) despite me having done nothing to instigate that and forcing me to again select 'always keep on machine'.  Incredibly frustrating. 


Last night I did a long awaited backup to new external harrdrive. Noticed that the backkup seemed too small so investigated. Loads of folders that had previously all been set to 'always keep on this device' had changed to the online only 'blue cloud' icon  and some to the green tick in white circle icon.  Immensely frustrating.

I just received a new computer at work.  I don't mind the check mark, but since the desktop is backed-up on OneDrive, what is the point ?  Every icon has the check even though they are local because they are on my Desktop.  It really makes no sense.


The issue I have is I have is I keep a lot of folders on my desktop, some local and some are short cuts.  The green check replaced the shortcut symbol so now windows adds 'Shortcut' to the name of the folder or file.


Programs still use the shortcut arrow. 

@ScottW714 yes it's infuriating. Because these changes are not instigated by us. It's the uncontrollability that drives me nuts. If it were just the green tick mark issue I'd be fine as both of those seem to indicate there is a copy locally and should be backed to One Drive too. But then it changes to cloud based icon when I haven't changed anything my side it drives me nuts.

HI@john john 

The green tick icon means it is locally available (stored on your device) and can be opened when offline but if you have Storage Sense enabled these files will become online only again after an amount of time that you have set.

The solid green circle with a white tick means the file will always will be available on your device if you are offline (stored locally). The Storage Sense policy would not make this file online only after a certain period of time.

This is how I understand it when using Windows devices. The white and green circles with check marks inside are treated differently only if Storage Sense is active. If Storage Sense is not used, files marked with either of these two status icons are treated equally, so are always on your device and available offline.