Visitors can't see photos on my SharePoint site

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When I create a SharePoint site and pages, people I share it with, can't see the photos I post on my page. It keeps reporting errors. Either I post the in a gallery or if I post only one photo, it wouldn't load for anyone except for owners or people with full access to the page. But obviously I do not like the idea, that if I want to show the contents of a page to someone I have to give the full access, I would like for then just to be viewers and to be able to download certain documents. 


Am I doing something wrong? I didn't find the answers to that anywhere else so I'm asking you to help me out.


Thank you.

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Are the photos published or in a draft status?

I uploaded the photos to the site and then published the site itself. Was I supposed to publish photos separately and if yes, where / how can I do that? @Juan Carlos González Martín 

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Is permission inheritance broken on the library where you uploaded the photos?


Make sure visitors have at least Read permissions on the photos & document library where you uploaded the photos.


You can check the library permissions from Library settings --> Permissions for this document library 

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Thank you, I figured what the problem was. I was supposed to set the permissions in two separate places and now it works.

Thank you for all of your advices.

@pplevnik Where were the 2 locations that you changed the permissions?  I am having the same issue.

@Lisa_Murray You can check the user permissions at site level or list/library level or individual file/item/page level:

  1. Check site level permissions at URL like: <siteUrl>/_layouts/15/user.aspx
  2. You can check the list/library permissions from List/Library settings --> Permissions for this list/document library 
  3. Item/Page/File level: ganeshsanap_0-1693372970321.png

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