Use thumbnail or image or both in a document library, for tile view improvement?

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Hi community friends,


I am working on a SharePoint Online document library, which consists of files and links. When using the thumbnail (thanks to @Mark Rackley  for a great video on easily displaying the thumbnails (View Document Thumbnail in Modern Document Library View in SharePoint Online –, the issue is that when the "document" is a link, there is no thumbnail except the url-icon. It would improve the user experience to have the possibility to add an image for the link. It is possible to add a column for picture, still, this doesn't show when using the tile view. 


Anyone who has an idea how to resolve this, with no-code/low-code? 



URl and ppt thumbnailURl and ppt thumbnail

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@Merethe Stave 

I'm interested to know if this is possible as well.