Usage Analysis SPO Intranet

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we build our Intranet on SPO, Now we need some usage analysis. The out of box solutions are known, additional hints around anyway would we be helpful.

But are there 3rd Party Tools which offer additional informations? 


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i use clarity from microsoft to use the heatmap and so on

It's free and you can assign multiple user to look at the data (i've added our communication department for example)



You can then link it with google analytics if needed

We have installed Clarity as well but it can only help with a few things like heatmaps and a dashboard with some other information. It also has session recordings. While all of that is useful, I am looking at other options to help with sites / files usage and analytics as we get constant demands from staff on those.
Can you then clarify which analytics you want to see?
YOu can also use the microsoft usage report ( ) to see more.

If you want to agregate and have usage PER file, it's more an access report and/or audit log that you need than a classic usage view.