Unable to delete column default value

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When I go in ''default column value settings'', I am unable to delete a default value as I get this error message: "Please enter a valid default value. It must not be blank". I am also unable to unselect ''use this default''.


I have tried this way as well, but it doesn't work either: 

  1. In the library parameters, click on the column name to edit the column settings.
  2. Disable "Require that this column contains information" option.
  3. Erase the default value and click save.

Any idea on how to remove the value once it is set?

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What is the data type? It might be a temporary bug. Are you able to delete the column completely and create if from scratch?

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Aref Halmstrand


They're text type columns. I got this problem with many columns in all librairies and sites using default colomn values, so I'm thinking it's a temporary bug. Hopefully it will get fixed soon!


Deleting columns and creating again from scratch isn't an option. I'd lose all the data and that'd take too much time.

Strange ! I hope it works soon enough!

Tip, if you would like to recreate the exact same scenario, you could use PnP PowerShell to clone your list with all data.

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Aref Halmstrand

@GailTremblay I'm also having this issue. Have you found a solution?

2021-07-05 08_22_31-Window.png

Doing research online I found the screen shot above showing the option "Do not specify a default value for this location". The screen shot below is from my library. It's in French, but you can clearly see that  option is missing.

2021-07-05 08_25_27-Window.png

Hopefully Microsoft will look into this soon!

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@GailTremblay I found the button! If you open the URL in Edge or Internet Explorer it will appear. Seems to be a bug affecting Chrome users (no big deal, we only represent 65% of all internet users......)


Screenshot 2021-07-07 114956.png

Awesome, it's working! Good job and thank you for your help! :)