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Hi all,


I'm adding a single column section but it's only taking up the first 2/3rds of the section, it won't go full width. I don't have the option to add a full width section. My colleague has created a similar SharePoint site and his sections are full width. If I create a new section on his page it spans the full width. I've tried to create a brand new page from the blank template option but I get the same result. 


Any help greatly appreciated. 


My pageMy pageHis pageHis page

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Two possible reasons:
1. If you have a team site, there is no option for a full width section. They are only available on a communication site.
2. If you have a communication site and you have added a vertical section, you will not be able to add a full width section. If you delete the vertical section, you should be able to add a full width section.
Hi Susan, as far as I'm aware both sites above are exactly the same, is there an easy way for me check?
If you see the word Group in the header for the site, you are looking at a team site. If you don't see that, you are likely looking at a comm site. If you see navigation on the left side, then you are definitely looking at a team site.

@Susan Hanley Hi, I've checked and both are teams sites, so I can't understand why one is full width and one isn't.

Are you sure it is an actual full width section on the site where you say it has it? Maybe it just looks full width. Put both pages in edit mode and look at tha actual web parts, screen resolution, and whether navigation is in the same location.

@Susan Hanley  These are the two sites viewed on my monitor. Both are single column sections. The first covers the full width of the screen, the second doesn't. 







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Check the navigation settings in "Change the look." The one that looks full-width is set to Horizontal navigation. The one that looks left justified is set to Vertical navigation. If you want the hero to look more centered on the page, change the navigation to Horizontal.
That's sorted it. Thanks very much.

Since December 2022, fullWidth'ing has been possible for Team sites, Communication sites (not just the couple of OOTB fullWith webpart options), and Team sites without M365 Groups.


Update horizontalSection - Microsoft Graph beta | Microsoft Learn  , scroll down, follow the instructions to update the desired horiztonal section(s).  In the Request body, use


} back in DEC 2022 had the subtle hint about being able to adjust SharePoint page column settings .....:)