Unable to add Forms for Excel to +New in Document library

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I have tried to add the 'Forms for Excel' feature in the +New option of a Modern Document library but it never works - please can you advise what I am doing wrong? It currently looks like this:



When I click on 'Edit New Menu', I have the following selected. After pressing Save, nothing changes.


All suggestions would be very welcome please?

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@Steve Rowland which file format does the file have? If it is .xlsx i think You first have to save it as a *.xltx before adding it to the library.

Hi @Magnus Goksøyr, there isn't a file connected with this link - it is just the standard option that Microsoft provide.

@Steve Rowland 


Looks like we need some trouble shooting.  Have you tried creating a brand new library on the same site and seeing if this exact issue occurs there too?


And to double check if there's any issue with the particular library you're using, maybe try an alternative way to create a Forms linked Excel book as mentioned here.

Hi @Steven Andrews, thanks for your suggestions. I have now tried in two different Site Collections and several different Document libraries and they all react the same way. One of these Site Collections is only a few months old. My colleague (who has greater access than myself as a mere Site Collection Administrator has seen the same issue in other places because this SharePoint online is shared across 40 schools.


In the link you sent it said that it works in a "Document library of modern SharePoint team sites (O365 group backed): Click + New". This made me wonder whether it is the lack of being part of an O365 group, so I tried the File area of a Teams file area - Forms for Excel appears perfectly. I don't know how I would get a standard SharePoint site to be O365 backed.


I have even tried adding a new Template but I don't know exactly what a Forms for Excel template would be like - any suggestions welcome please?


I look forward to any more ideas please?

@Steve Rowland 

Thanks for the swift and detailed comeback.  As a comparative experience I've tried the following steps on my development tenancy

  1. Navigated to a newly created team site and created a document library
  2. Used the New --> Edit New Menu as you've mentioned and I can replicate the error.  Interestingly enough this also appears to be the case for Vision Drawing 

So I can confirm your findings.  Checking the comments on that blog post, I'm seeing a Kelly Jones post that mentions this functionality only works in modern sites, which are as you've identified.  So, I'll go test that in a brand new Modern SharePoint site.  Got the same result.


Some left field things I've tried: -

  1. Activating Content Type management on the libraries then editing the menus.  No impact
  2. Creating a brand new survey in forms.  No impact

I'm out of ideas for the moment sadly but will come back with anything else should inspiration strike.

Thanks @Steven Andrews for your quick response and all your tests - it is useful to know that I am not the only one with this issue. I knew that the 'Visio Drawing' option didn't work either, but we don't use Visio - so I wasn't bothered.


I did a quick search and found this site: which shows that someone has managed it. I tried creating a new Subsite and it failed again.


Forms for Excel issue.png

If something does strike @Steven Andrews , or someone else has an idea - I would welcome any contributions please?

Thanks for the suggestion @Magnus Goksøyr 


I have worked through those options but sadly they didn't have any impact, however, everything is worth a try.


@Steve Rowland did you ever get a solution?  I am having exactly the same issue

We have this same issue. Is there a resolution?
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 yes, I  had same issue, & found Solution for it.

 "Forms for Excel" feature only support SharePoint site which has been connected with a M365 group.

  to fix it, Connect site with M365 Group.

 after connecting with M365 Group, this issue fixed and showing "forms for Excel"