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Hi guys,

Posting for the first time so apologies if the question has been discussed previously - I was unable to find anything on this matter.
I have a SharePoint list and I need to have a column that automatically updates to today's date every day.
I am trying to create a flow using Power Automate, however for some reason it doesn't like my list and more specifically the location column. The exact error message I get is

"The dynamic operation request to API 'sharepointonline' operation 'GetTable' failed with status code 'BadRequest'. This may indicate invalid input parameters. Error response: { "status": 400, "message": "The required field \"Location\" data type is not supported clientRequestId: ec7fb011-eaf9-4558-80c2-a6ace68607ff serviceRequestId: ec7fb011-eaf9-4558-80c2-a6ace68607ff" }

I get this error message on the update item step and after it shows up, power automate refuses to load any of the columns, hence I am unable to continue.
From what I can read on the error message, it has something to do with the column format being set to "Location" and for some reason Power Automate doesn't like that, but not sure whether there's anything I can do about it?


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@Stefan_Stoyanovski after the get items action you need to add an apply to each and select value from the dynamic content box for the "select an output... field. Then add the update item action inside the apply to each.Rob
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Hi @Stefan_Stoyanovski,

you are using a Location column that is also required and Power Automate does not seem to be able to deal with that combination. This is a known issue.

Either make the location column not required or change your Power Automate Actions to HTTP Requests

Get the items from your list
Then parse the JSON results and apply this HTTP Request for each item (And change the name of the column from my column name "Date" to your date column name)


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Thanks Sven - simply making the location column not required did the trick for me!