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Bit late to the party as they say but I see that for every Microsoft Teams that is created, it appears as a site collection within the SharePoint Admin Centre. 

I use a migration tool named Sharegate which can be also be used for reporting. I run a report on all site collections. My question is how do I decipher what is a team vs what is a SharePoint site? the only thing that stands out is no Team has a subsite, so I filter on the Subsite field = 0 but are there any other indicators? 


What does anyone else do when their company needs a report on all the Microsoft Teams that have been created over the years? Do you just export from admin centre? The issue I have with that is, it doesn't include who created them, 




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If you create a "team" in Microsoft teams, a SharePoint site and M365 group will be created with it. If you create a SharePoint team site with M365 group, a team in Microsoft teams will be created automatically.


Check these documentation to understand this in detail:

  1. Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365 Groups integration (IT Admins) 
  2. SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Groups integration (IT Admins) 
  3. Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams 

If you need reporting based on Microsoft teams, you can use PowerShell tools like PnP PowerShell, Microsoft Teams PowerShell or CLI for Microsoft 365. You can find few script sample related to this topic at:

  1. List all Microsoft Teams team's Owners and Members 
  2. Fetch Teams Information Using Teams PowerShell And Export To CSV 
  3. List all teams and teams members in Microsoft Teams in the tenant 

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