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I am seeing where some users are stuck in a Classic View for a list I am testing with. If I am logged into SP and viewing this list as myself, or TestUser1, it is in Modern View as expected, but if I log in as TestUser2 or TestUser3, they can only view the list in Classic View. I see the link to "Exit Classic" but it doesn't do anything. As an Admin, I verified in List Settings > Advanced Settings that the List Experience is set to New Experience.


There is a custom form in use but when I try to edit the item as either TestUser2 or TestUser3, I receive an error when attempting to save changes to the form ("The server was unable to save the form. Please try again later"):



In the O365 Admin console, I compared TestUser2/TestUser3 to myself and TestUser1 and am not finding a difference in our user setups for this to be happening.


What am I missing?


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Please check the 'Advanced Settings' in the 'List Settings' page, in the advanced settings check the last setting named 'Display this list using the new or classic experience?' and make sure you select the 'New Experience' which will be available to all the users. Also check whether the site contents of the test users are displaying in Modern or classic view, if it is in classic view you can always exit the classic view by clicking the 'Exit classic view mode' link on the left bottom below the left nav section.

Hi, @Sudharsan K -


Thank you for the response. I verified that the New Experience option is selected within Advanced settings. I also logged in as the a test user and do not see "Site Contents" as an option from the cog wheel - is that what you advised to check?



There is also not a "Exit Classic Mode" link when logged in as this user. I did, however, see that link you're referring to when logged in as a different Test User but it would not actually do anything when I clicked the "Exit Classic Mode" link.


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@Sudharsan K  - good morning, just following up on my response from 3/19. 

sorry mate, i couldn't find any solution to this. May be you can raise this as an issue with microsoft. Also on the below screenshot, i was not able to see the left nav, is it customized? Can you put the admin screenshot of the site.

Hi @Sudharsan K 


Here is a screenshot of me logged in as an Admin -




Here is me logged in as a Test user-



The left nav is much different for each. I get almost zero options when logged in as a Test user. When clicking the "Exit Classic Mode" link, nothing happens. The page just refreshes and still shows in Classic mode. Any other ideas or do you think I should reach out to Microsoft?


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Sorry @Sudharsan K  - to answer your question, yes this left nav is custom

Hi @Sudharsan K - apologies for the delayed response to your follow-up, but did reply to you on 3/19, screenshot below:



sometimes clicking on the 'Exit Classic Mode' doesn't do anything, wait for a min and then click again, sure it works. If that doesn't work, open the browser console and execute the following method.

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-Sudharsan K...

Hi @Sudharsan K 


I just clicked "Exit Classic Experience," nothing happened so I waited a minute then clicked it again, still nothing. I opened the dev tools console and entered GoToModern(true) and hit enter, but "undefined" appears under it and the page just refreshed, but still in classic mode. Am I using the console incorrectly?



Sorry forgot to mention, navigate to the classic 'Site Contents' page and then open the browser console and execute that method.
Any chance of trying the same on the 'Site Contents' page as mentioned in my reply. Please let me know.

Hi @Sudharsan K  - when logged in as the "mfa" test user, I do not have Site Contents as an option where I expect. This user is NOT an admin in our tenant, but does have Edit rights to this site... 

@Sudharsan K - Apologies, I meant to include a screenshot




Hi @Sudharsan K - just following up on my response.


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Hi, Just login to use who has access to site contents and try the command that i mentioned in previous reply in the browser console.

Hi @Sudharsan K -


I logged in as myself (Admin), navigated to Site Contents and executed GoToModern(true) but I am seeing errors in the console:



I then logged in as the "MFA Test" user but its still stuck in Classic mode. I cleared cache to no avail. When I click "Exit Classic experience," the page reloads but its still in Classic mode. See errors in console below:



As soon as I log back in as my Admin user, it is in Modern experience immediately. Any other ideas?


I appreciate your help on this,


@morghandc Did you ever figure this out? I'm having this issue with an actual user now.

Hi @dbannister_jr - I have not received a resolution to this yet. I am submitted a case with Microsoft and will update this thread once I have a resolution. 


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@morghandc I had the same issue, and found out that my customer was in a restricted view security group. I placed them in a group that had Read, Submitter access, and the customer was able to view my form without an issue in New Experience view.