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Hi all


We have created an intranet as a hub site and also a Home site. This now allows us to search through all sites and OneDrive.


However I have been asked to limit the searching via the intranet to that site only. How is this possible? Reading online I only find articles on how to add sites as a filter. I need to limit the search.

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@Eddoria Can I ask what's the purpose of limiting search? 


From my experience with search once a user don't have permission to certain site collection, libraries or folders then these won't show up in their search. 



@Deanodelpleash That is correct. My issue is that a user could have access to many sites and their own OneDrive folders which have similar results in the search. We want to avoid searching through any other site/folder to which they have access except for the intranet sites.

@Deanodelpleash Thanks for the response. It is just to narrow down the results which are displayed. 


For example the user wants to search for CRM how to. This is in a PPF site which is connected to our intranet. Also the user will have documents with CRM in their onedrive. So the search result will show all documents from their OneDrive which has nothing to do with the intranet.


So basically we want only results from the intranet and any sites associated with the hub intranet site.

@Eddoria I understand. Unfortunately You won't be able to restrict your search just to the hub site for every users.


What is possible though is that if you have selected users that you only want to have access to recourses only on the hub site in their search and not in the other sites connected to the hub. just make sure those users have limited access to the other sites. 


you can create a security group with those members and limit their access.

@Eddoria We too have a need to include the ability to search only the intranet hub site within the Microsoft Search options. On all other hub sites, MS Search results page defaults to a scope of searching that site, but presents breadcrumbs enabling users to search all the hub sites or the organization. When we enabled the home site designation on our intranet, the option to search only the intranet hub was no longer present. 

Seems like a bug. Microsoft, please return that option to hubs where the hub is also the home site. 

I know this is an old post, but you can limit it by setting the results from search box to the DepartmentID of the hub site.