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I have a list in SP Online, one of the columns Total is populated using power automate. I would like to make this column read only, as there's no need for anyone to manually edit it.


How can I achieve this?

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Columns cannot be marked as read-only.
As a one workaround option, you could create a hidden column for actual data update by Power Automate and hide it from the list view, and create Total as a calculated column and refer to the hidden column.

Another option is to create the list form with Power Apps and set the column textbox as read-only.

@jonboylib You can hide the column from list forms using below steps:

  1. Go to list & click on "New" to open the list form
  2. Click on "Edit form icon" & then select "Edit columns" ganeshsanap_0-1659535054053.png
  3. Uncheck the column you want to hide from list form & click Save ganeshsanap_1-1659535149482.png

Note: Users may able to edit the column value using Grid view. So, disable it from advanced settings if it is not required.

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