Show/hide columns based on 2 conditions

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I want to make a SharePoint List column show/hide based on 2 conditions with OR operator.


I have tried the following formula variations and nothing is working.


=IF(OR([$DocumentType]=='New',[$ChangeinMetaData]=='Yes'), 'True', 'False')

=IF([$DocumentType]=='New', 'True', IF([$ChangeinMetaData]=='Yes', 'True', 'False'))

=IF([$DocumentType]=='New' || [$ChangeinMetaData]=='Yes', 'True', 'False')


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SOLUTION: After trying hours, figured out that following formula elements should be in small letters:

  • if
  • true
  • false

The following formula works:

=if([$DocumentType]=='New' || [$ChangeinMetaData]=='Yes', 'true', 'false')