Show a list as Gantt chart on Sharepoint page

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I try to publish a list as Gantt chart on a Sharepoint site. I have been able to create a Gantt view of the list. It has a URL like so:

Look att this

When I go directly to the URL is shows the list a a Gantt as expected. However, when I add the list to a site it shows a standard list (table), the Gantt chart (graphics) is not shown.

Look at this, too

Why is that? Should I use some other web part? If so, which?

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Dear @weedogt, Lists have not only the normal view "All Items" on the upper right of your list page, but also other List "VIEWS", such as the gantt view or the quick edit view or the calender view. If you want to have this list with your new Gantt Chart VIEW as default view, you just have to edit once again the gantt view of your list. To do this, click on the gear icon - List settings, then scroll down on the bottom of this settings page. Click on that Gantt view to open the options. And in this page you can see right at the top a check box to set this gantt view as your new standard view on this list.

BUT: The Gantt Chart is a classic SharePoint 2013 View and i am not shure if you can count on this view in modern sites, in the future. So what helps then, especially with Project Lists or Task Lists?



You should severly consider about moving these data into MS Planner plans, because there are by far more opportunities on MS Planner than on the old GAntt Charts!



By the way: You cant automate a classic sharepoint list view as the Gantt chart, because only the SharePoint modern Site Layout can deal with workflows on Power Automate. It has got something to do with a new kind of coding within the new power platform. Formerly we had mostly ASP.Net Coding (classic SharePoint) , now the overwhelming majority of coding works Javascript, particularly on Power Automate Flows like your Trigger Actions and the "when an item is modified"- thing.... So please keep that in mind, that your classic views are not made for the new flows and the new design of Automation within SharePoint.




Give a like if my ideas are welcome on your side. Greets, Eva.

@Eva Vogel thanks for you input.

Unfortunately Planner seems to be focused on Kanban style planning, not Gantt charts. Many have for several years asked for that to be added:

How can we make Planner better? 

MS Project is, of course, able to show Gantt charts but I way overkill for my needs (and quite expensive).