Sharing Templates xltx, dotx via MS Teams and Sharepoint

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We have created a team in Ms Teams whose primary purpose is to hold MS Office document type templates mainly Excel & Word. So, there is a channel in MS Teams where we upload the various templates (xltx, dotx files).  We then use SharePoint to create hyperlinks to those files. This allows us to create applications where you can click on a hyperlink to access the template. It all works well except for one thing - when you click on the Sharepoint hyperlink it opens the template. I am having difficulty working out how to arrange it so that when you click on the link it spawns a new document. That is we want to replicate the same functionality as it would if you opened a template on your desktop. To access a template you first must open say Excel and then from within Excel open the document. So, I guess the issue is when you click on the hyperlink, SharePoint is creating a scenario where it assumes you have opened Excel already and therefore takes you into the template. For obvious reasons this is not what we want because it will result in users corrupting the xltx, dotx files.

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Hi @Robert - this is an old question to be responding to but I am wondering if you ever found a way to do this? I think the best option here is to save files normally, not as a template, but then restrict the access to the folder containing them to be read only .. that way, a team member will open the file, and be forced to choose "Save As" to make their own copy while the source file remains unaltered, acting as a template of sorts.


I created an organization asset library for templates a couple of years ago and it works great.

Create an organization assets library - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs

Hi @Andrew667!

Thanks for the info and links - unfortunately I am part of a Government tenant and as such do not have the appropriate access or permissions to duplicate this process - still valuable information, and I appreciate your reply!
Same issue here. I really would like to share a link to a template and when users use that link it opens a new document with that template and not the template itself.
The way it works when you normally open a template file on your local drive... The way templates were designed...

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Here's how I fixed it!


1) Create the template, and save it to a folder in SharePoint that your Team has access to.

(For this example I am using "OneDrive-Contoso/CorpTeam/SalesChannel/Templates/"

2) For each type of template, open that desktop app, click "File, Options, Save, then "Default personal templates location", then paste in ""OneDrive-Contoso/CorpTeam/SalesChannel/Templates/"

3) Now when you create a new file in that app, you'll see a Templates folder - click it, and you will see all the files, as will all your team members.


I am having a similar problem trying to insert a hyperlink to my template. The hyperlink opens the original template, not a copy.  My project is for my small buisness. Not sharing with anyone or web based. All files are on my laptop.  I have a desktop short cut that I normally use to begin creating a new Customer File from my template and wanted to insert a hyperlink with-in another file so I could start a new Customer File with-out having to minimize other apps to access my desk top. Ughhh!!!


You can't open a template from outside any of the apps, otherwise you're always opening the template itself... It needs to be triggered from the "New Document" interface within the apps themselves

I LOVE this elegant solution. Thanks.