Sharepoint team site created from Microsoft Teams to prefix "teams"

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Microsoft Teams creates SharePoint team site on new team creation automatically. 

By default, the url will be like:{TeamName}

Is there any way to add word"/teams/" prior to the TeamName to make it like:{TeamName}                     OR{TeamName}




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Nabin...the convention you're describing below would be a subsite of /teams/.  When Microsoft Teams creates a the companion SharePoint site collection in the /sites/ "managed path" it does this intentionally for security and content isolation.

Hi Steve,
I am trying to separate the team sites created from teams with sites created manually or any other means from the url.
Is there a way we can replace sites with teams OR sites/ teams so it will be better for logging or organization purpose.
Any other idea of destinguishing sites from teams with other team sites is great.

I don't think there is a mechanism to prefix Microsoft Teams connected SharePoint sites. Since everything is about Office 365 groups, you can however control the naming convention of Office 365 groups which dictate how SharePoint sites connected to Office 365 groups are created. Please refer to below article from Microsoft for more details.


Additionally, depending on SharePoint site creation policies you can force the new modern team sites to be created under /teams/<teamname>.




Yes, you can change the default path. Go the SP Admin Center, classic, Settings Page, then to the Site Creation section.

The URL is based on the Alias Name you provide. So if you are using PowerShell script to create your Teams. The URL will be created based on the Alias name you might have provided. 

Hi Steve,
Could you please let me know why MS intentionally did this abd what is the difference between /team and /site in security and data isolation perspectives.



Yes I would like to get a answer on this.  I am currently reviewing this within our organization.  Sites or Teams?  I would like to reserve "sites" for official content and "teams" for adhoc user provisioned sites.  Research from unofficial sources appears to concur.  Do I have this correct?

@Miller_Adminyou can set the default path for new team sites to go to tenant/teams/newsite.


if you want to control the newsite name, you can use the Azure AD Group Naming policy

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@nabin pokharel 


@Wim van der Heijden 


Not setting it as default but here's how to create it under /teams/


Create new Site under Other Options




Use the Team template and change Site Address to /teams/




Browse to the site and from the gear select to connect to O365 group




Enter group name. I created the group Internal Dev Team 




Create new Team from MS Teams and select create from O365 group then select your group




Your team would be linked to this new address now. The team content will now be under /teams/ for this team. Create other similar teams.

I tested this, and if I switch to /teams for team sites, even communication sites will get the path /teams, not /sites. So I would say it is simply not working, at least not for me.