SharePoint site which developed using SharePoint Designer can it be use in SharePoint online ?

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If I have existing SharePoint site which developed using SharePoint Designer can it be use for SharePoint Online ? and how i can find any reference

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Can you add a little more context to this question please?  What are you looking to migrate?  Customisations, workflows, masterpages and so on?  Different types of SPD customisations might be portable.


SharePoint Designer as a product can be used with SharePoint Online sites as well as those on premises if they're both in Classic. Some elements of Modern SharePoint I suspect (the underlying lists and libraries) might be backwards compatible.  


If you're using SharePoint Classic, you might be able to take an STP of the site and utilise it as a sub-site within an SPO site, which would still need modifications.

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Thank you for information that help me alot about this problem
I just want to know is it posible to migrate Customisations, workflows, masterpages and How to do it

@Alice47 in modern SharePoint Online you don't have masterpages. And workflows won't migrate, they'll need to be re-built with Power Automate. And I don't believe customisations will migrate either as Microsoft have been very clear that with the exeption of the SPFx framework additions they don't want sites to be customised.


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