SharePoint Online's "Move To" feature no longer showing my sites

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Some point a few weeks ago the Move To function changed. Now when you want to move a file out of a Site and into another, it doesn't let you pick from your Followed Sites, it only lets you pick from your Recent document libraries. We have many Sites and it's making it difficult to move items efficiently (if the location you're moving something to doesn't show up, you have to click around in it in another tab for it to eventually show up in Recent).


Previous, it just showed all of my sites that I am a member/followed. Any idea why this might have changed? These are all stand-alone sites, no O365 connection, but they are all part of the same hub-site network.


Thank you!

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Hi @Mysticode - I have this problem too, and it's a right pain.  The original Move documents was okay, if not super intuitive for new users but it functioned.

For a while, I too could see sites that I followed, but now I get an extremely limited number of site collections that I can move files to.  I thought the new interface was more intuitive and the only thing it needed for improvement was to allow for a search for a site - very important when  you work in a large enterprise as I do and have hundreds of SharePoint site collections

The move document tool is now completely inadequate.  I have to resort to downloading and uploading files.  So frustrating and extremely disappointing when it was at least functioning previously.

I don't recall seeing any advice in the message centre about proposed changes to the Move documents tool, and not really certain that this is something that needs to be reported as an issue or if the changes are 'by design' but the relevant development team has just forgotten to communicate changes with users.

Please any Microsoft folk reading this - get this fixed asap or at least let us know what's going on.

Found a workaround for this problem: navigate to the destination library and in the action options click "Pin to Quick access". Doing that will make the library to show up in the Quick access selections when trying to move folders/files.
Thank you! Was scratching my head with this but Pin to Quick access did the trick!
I had to login and post on the MS community board because you just saved me hours of anguish trying to get a site to show up in the new Sharepoint Move To options. I tried everything. Sites I created after the fact were available, but not this one site! Finally read your comment, pinned to Quick Access and BOOM, fixed. You saved me a large amount of headache and got the project I've been working on completed.
Same here. Client has a one huge library and we are splitting into multiple libraries. I know that during proof-of-concept the new libraries were there.....until they weren't. Ugh. The Pin to Quick Access was a life saver!

@MysticodeThey lock quick access behind a license. As an admin account, that does nothing but create user accounts and occasionally move files at the request of users, this is the stupidest design choice.

@SpikeNZ So now we can not use "copy to" function from one sharepoint site to another?
I'm having this issue and it's getting on my nerves.



I just tested and I am able to copy file from one SharePoint site to another SharePoint site within same tenant without any issue.


Try this:

  1. Go to the document library in the destination SharePoint site 
  2. Use Pin to Quick access command at the top to pin library: ganeshsanap_0-1697019504616.png
  3. While using "Copy to" option, you can see the pinned library in quick access section at the left hand side: ganeshsanap_1-1697019623787.png

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