SharePoint Online Permissions bug

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I am having issues with SharePoint Online permissions on my site. When I add a new user to the site I would place them in a group with "Read" permissions.


However if I then view users under "Site Permissions" it would show that the new user would have "Read" and "Edit" permissions, though the user would still only actually have "Read" permissions, the "Edit" is just a false showing (shown below).

Capita User showing edit and read.PNG

To further this, if i then change the users "Edit" permissions to "Read" the user actually loses all permissions and cannot access the site again. I have attached some pictures to help describing this


Changing permissions from "Edit" to "Read"

Changing user permissions.PNG

User now has no site permissions

user now has no permissions.PNG

This issue is causing some inefficiencies as we are not able to easily determine a users permission level at a glance.

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Open a support ticket to report this issue...this behavior is not correct and totally unexpected

@Juan Carlos González Martín Thanks Juan, I've raised the support ticket and it seems to be progressing nicely


Did you get a resolution to this? Seems we have something similar.

@Jlee_ProsciThe Microsoft Support team assisted me when I raised the ticket. If I remember correctly the end fix was to delete and re-create the default site owner, member and visitor groups. 

@k1051 Thanks. We figured out a different method that didn't require that.



We are having this issue, how did you approach this?