SharePoint online migrate documents from classic record center to modern collaboration site.

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Is there any existed migration tool helping migrate all documents from classic record center to modern collaborate site?  Please notice that all the versions need to be kept during the migration. I think this can be done using the move rest API, is there any existed tool or easier way to implement it? 

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I have the same issue. There is a third party tool (ShareGate) that can do it. But I'm struggling with it as the Term Store where I work has terms buried within terms, within terms and the SG tool only shows selected terms to migrate.


There must be another way directly within the SharePoint environment that allows an Admin to do this? No powershells please!!


I also need to completely decommission the records center as Labels and Policies are now the flavour of the month with SharePoint. Any tips on how to do this?

Hi, Were you able to find a solution for this, I also have a similar situation where we would like to move from SP 2013 Record center sites to SP Online using Retention labels & Policies.
Any help would be appreciated