Sharepoint Online - Make only the page and navigation menu visible (common site appearance)

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Friends, good afternoon!

I created an environment in Sharepoint, which will serve as an Intranet with procedures and information.
Can I make it so that members with a reading profile have a view as shown in image 2?
The intention is to limit navigation and mainly to give a closer look to a common site for lay users.


Imagem 1


Imagem 2imagem2.png


Model used:
From Microsoft: Volunteer Center.


Thank you for ur help

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@Jilmar You can enable site navigation audience targeting to target your navigation links to certain M365 groups, if you want to restrict access to SharePoint app bar navigation links. Enable audience targeting for navigational links in menus


If you want to temporarily disable app bar follow instructions here: This will disable app bar for all users, including Admins. (Not recommended)

@Jilmar You cannot hide all these things using SharePoint out of the box options. You can hide few of the things by following below articles:

  1. Instruct users to use focus mode - This hides site header, site & hub navigation and app bar.
  2. Set site navigation visibility to Off - follow New Navigation features for SharePoint team sites 
  3. You can remove "New", "Page Details", etc. options by creating a site page based on home page - follow SharePoint Online: Create a blank page without header & title 
  4. Temporarily disable SharePoint app bar - follow Introducing a SharePoint app bar that features global navigation 

If you want to hide all the things as given in 2nd image, you have to hide those using custom CSS. You can inject custom CSS to SharePoint site/modern pages is SPFx Application Customizer.


For more information check my answers given here:

  1. How can I include the same JS and CSS files on multiple SharePoint Modern Page? 
  2. Hiding Office 365 Ribbon in SharePoint 

NoteDOM manipulation & CSS customizations are not recommended by Microsoft and some of your customization may break if Microsoft changes HTML element id/classes in new release updates.

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