SharePoint Online - How to re-subscribe likes and comments email notifications

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If somebody likes some of my sitepages/news, I receive the following email:


LikedYourPage 2020-01-28.png

It is possible to click on Unsubscribe in the notification mail , it works fine. I receive the following confirmation: "We will stop emailing you about Likes"


But how can I resubscribe again, in case I want to receive email about likes again?


Best regards Henrik

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@Henrik did you ever figure out how to resubscribe? I just clicked it as a test and now I can't figure out how to turn it back on.

@Eric Pierce No, Unfortunately not.
I still hope someone from Microsoft could help


did you find a solution? I'm having the same problem: unsubscribed and now I can't subscribe again.



@Jurgen De Bruyne 

Unfortunately not, I'm still looking for a solution.

Best regards


Hi everybody,

anyone got a solution for this?


Comment notifications can be re-subscribed from OneDrive-settings through gear -> OneDrive settings -> Email notification when others comment on my documents.
Not the most obvious place to control communication site comment notifications but there it is.


But unfortunately have not yet figured out where likes could be controlled so that still remains a mystery...


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Returning back after deep diving into SP depths.


Notification unsubscriptions are stored in each user's personal site (OneDrive) under hidden list named as "notificationSubscriptionHiddenList6D1E55DA-2564-4A22-A5F9-6C4FCAFF53DE"


Unsubscribing likes adds SubscriptionId "email_unsubscribe_Like" to the list which then blocks like notifications

Unsubscribing likes adds SubscriptionId "email_unsubscribe_Comment" to the list which then blocks comment notifications


Removing each line reactivates notifications on the specific type of notification


URL for this list is in format of



Wrote short PowerShell to remove this for a single user

Connect-PnPOnline -Url https://[tenant][user_name_domain]
$ListName = "notificationSubscriptionHiddenList6D1E55DA-2564-4A22-A5F9-6C4FCAFF53DE"

$listItems= (Get-PnPListItem -List $ListName -Fields "Title","SubscriptionId","GUID")  
foreach($listItem in $listItems){  
   Write-Host "SubscriptionId" : $listItem["SubscriptionId"]  
   if($listItem["SubscriptionId"] -eq "email_unsubscribe_Like") { # remove unsubscribe
       Remove-PnPListItem -Identity $listItem.Id -List $ListName -Confirm $false
Write-Host "Removed likes unsubscription!"  



Additional info on these hidden lists can be found here:

Thank you Kim. This works like charm :)