Sharepoint on premise 2019 Custom Form and Sites

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Hello Everyone,


I am looking to create a site on my sharepoint 2019 on premise. This site should have a form which should send the data to a list on SP 2019 after submission. There is so much info online that I'm going into a rabbit hole of information.

My point is that I want to create this content myself, see details below:


  • Don't want to use third party companies that charge money for integrating their forms.
  • InfoPath is no longer used so that's not an option
  • Power Apps: I have tried it and it does what is supposed to however, I built the app using my account and I cannot use it to send data to my organization's SP 2019. This is because they do not have the same authentication (I don't know how to work around that).


The solution that I am looking for (won't be simple) is to create custom pages with the form I want on SP 2019.

My question is, can this be done with SP Framework?


I searched a lot for ways to use code to create your own pages, forms, etc. Would SP Framework work for that?

Are there any other options?


Thank you all for taking the time to read this post.





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