Sharepoint Migration manager Preserve file share permissions

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Sorry for my bad English.


So we want to migrate some of our share folders to SharePoint and we are using the File Shares Migration a tool who is available inside SharePoint Online. The problem is that even when we check the box to "Preserve file share permissions" the permissions are not getting migrated.

I think is due the way we set up the permissions inside the file server, we use AD security groups (which are being synced to Azure AD using AD Connect) to define the permission, but we configure this access in Computer Manager, Shared Folders, select the folder and select the tab Share Permissions.

I notice that the permissions are getting migrated only if the source folder (example: "D:\SharedFolder") have the permission configure in the security tab.


Is this normal or is it the way this tool is intended to be? I used the Sharepoint Migration Tool and the result are the same.


Thanks in advance 

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