SharePoint Lists and Calendar Integration

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Hello All,

Is the below possible?

I have two SharePoint Sites.

Each site has a worklist containing project details using the same fields (Start Date, Go Live Date, Review Date). 

I would like to integrate the two worklists to create a shared calendar using the Start Date, Go Live Date, and a single date namely the Review Date).

In addition the Title field pulled through to the calendar to specify the Start Date Go Live Date range should have conditional formatting applied according to the project owner.


Is it possible to create a calendar list item to pull through fields from the existing SharePoint list as well as the fields from another SharePoint site list?

If this is possible, how do I extend this by pulling through the Review date (a single field) into the calendar?

Much appreciate any help on this. I have fiddled with the calendar option in SharePoint as well as the List calendar to edit and format the view but struggling to work out the correct route to take to achieve the above.

Many thanks

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You cannot use modern calendar list view for your requirements as it only pulls the information from single SharePoint list.


Similarly, you cannot use SharePoint default calendar list web part as well as it can only show the list items from same SharePoint list where the web part is added.


If you need calendar monthly view to show list items from different sites, you cannot achieve it using SharePoint out of the box options.


You can try below two approaches:

  1. Create a master SharePoint list with calendar view. Add one Power automate flow for each SharePoint list which will copy list item details from that individual calendar list to master calendar list whenever new item is created or updated. Then you can use the calendar view from master SharePoint list for your requirements.
  2. Develop custom SPFx web part which will pull list items from multiple SharePoint sites and show in single calendar view using 3rd party libraries like FullCalendar.

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