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Hello All,


 I have created a list in Sharepoint, and I entered in 17 columns. When I click to open the list to fill in  fields, I am only seeing 11 fields to fill in. I have confirmed that the fields are not hidden. Is there a limit to the amount of fields you can create for a list?



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@KiBanger You should not have any problems with 17 fields in a single SharePoint list.


Are you unable to see the fields on list forms or in a list view?


You can show or hide fields from list form, follow documentation: Show or hide columns in a list 


You can also show or hide fields from a list view, follow: Show or hide a column in a list or library 

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Hi Ganesh,

Thanks for the tips.. IT was weird. when I tried to edit columns, they were all checked, but they did not all show. I went to another area (maybe list settings?) and was able to check them there. I see them all now.

@KiBanger Yes, that is a classic experience approach to include columns in view or in list form (content type).


For future reference for others (to add columns to list view):

  1. You can click on settings (gear) icon & select "List settings"
  2. Scroll down to "Views" section on list settings page.
  3. Click on the view name where you want to add columns
  4. Check checkboxes against the columns you want to include in view and click "OK" ganeshsanap_0-1663133342684.png

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