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I have a SharePoint List which contains links to files on my communication site.

I created views of the list based on the response in the Process choice column and have put these views in quick links on the communication site.  eg: Process = customer complaints displays the links to the customer complaint related documents.   This was working well and everyone could access the process documents that they needed.


Since mid-late October we noticed that the view wasn't updating when new items or links were added to the sharepoint list - only the owners of the MS Team can see the updated links or additional files in the views.


Please, can anyone help me with this?


With thanks

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@LizzyT Is anything changes in list/library settings? 

If "Require content approval" setting is enabled for the list/library recently, you have to publish the documents after creating/uploading new documents in library (items in list). Or you can disable this setting from List/Library settings > Versioning settings: 


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Yes, my setting required content approval. I changed it to No.

You are the best! Thank you this worked.