Sharepoint List - Ratings does not immediately refresh

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I am using a sharepoint list for items which has a column that allows user of the list to rate a particular item on scale of 0-5 (star selection). 

I have noticed that when a item is rated (say 3 stars), the rating is colored 'BLUE' for a split-second and then goes back to the original rating value for the item. When the page is refreshed after 10-15 secs, the rating is then updated for the item (counting the rating given by the user).

Is there a mechanism to have the ratings refreshed immediately and automatically in the list once a user rates an item?




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Hi.. Is the slowness isolated just for ratings or other items on the page. Most probably cause if network bandwidth or items on page are clogging down the load times.
Other actions on the list item works fine and retails the action performed. e.g. selecting elements from a drop down list or ticking a checkbox.

With ratings however, when a user rates an item, his rating is only applied once the page is refreshed. Refreshing before 15secs(estimated) will still show the older rating but when refreshed after 15 secs, the new rating is shown.
Try using developer tools in browser to see if any particular resource is holding back or causing this delay. I am not able to replicate the behavior.
I'm suffering from the same issue, and trying to replicate it, it seems to be a problem with the Modern experience. The Classic experience is instant and super fast. My list has 200 items with 10 columns of simple data and 46 of the list items have ratings.
I've tried adding indices to the key columns including the Ratings columns in case that helps but no change. I'm afraid I have no idea how to use the developer tools :(

@ChrisMBush Update!:  It's actually fine now a few days later.  So I don't know if the server just had issues, or maybe the indices I switched on took a while to be built and kick in, but it all is fine and performing nicely now!  So frustrating, but great news at a last :)