SharePoint List - Person and Group column - Old users


I've a SharePoint list which I'm migrating to a new production Site.

I'm transferring the old information via Power Automate.

Some Person and Group fields are failing and reporting an error when I do this


I've looked into this and there may be an issue with people who have left the business being available to the SharePoint List - I've tried this manually and one of the users who is failing in the PA Flow will not add if I do it manually.


Is there away around this as we do need to move this data to a new Production site?





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Hello @Lee-Martin 


that is correct, not existing persons can't add to an people or group person field. I know this issue from migrations with sharegate:


The solution is to map "older" user with a "new" (existing) user during migration, maybe you can do same in your Power Automate Flow during copy....or using sharegate ;)


Regards, Dave

@David Mehr

Unfortunately I need to maintain the information as is

Is there any way to do it?

Hello @Lee-Martin


i am not sure of this for the existing field, but i'm not an developer...


You can write the existing user information in a text field, before you copy the item.


Regards, Dave 

If the user does not exist in the destination tenant as an active user, you cannot select them as a value in a column.
@Bharath Arja

They are available in the SharePoint list when I try and add them manually - the list just does not allow me to add them
Can you get a screen shot of where they are available in list when you add manually? Do they show up as an option in people picker search?
The show up as an option.
I select the user
The user doesn't appear in the list column.

The above method works with a user who is still with the business